Silicone lined Lunch Bags, slide out connectors, two great backpack sizes... and so much more!

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Kids Personalised Bento Box
Personalised Bento Box
Regular Price AED200.00 AED200.00
Everyday Backpack Combo
Everyday Backpack Combo
From AED340.00
Junior Personalised Backpack Combo
Junior Backpack Combo
From AED290.00
Personalised Everyday Backpack
Everyday Backpacks
From AED200.00
Personalised Junior Backpack
Junior Backpacks
From AED150.00
Personalised Lunch Bag
Personalised Lunch Bags
From AED160.00
Personalised Drink Bottle
Personalised Drink Bottles
Regular Price AED75.00 AED75.00
Personalised Kids Swim Bags
Personalised Swim Bags
From AED150.00
Personalised Duffle Bag
Personalised Kids Duffle Bags
From AED175.00
Personalised Library Bags
Personalised Library Bags
From AED115.00
Personalised Pencil Case
Personalised Pencil Case
From AED100.00
Personalised Messenger Bags
Personalised Messenger Bags
From AED175.00
Piggyback Conector
Piggyback Connector
Regular Price AED20.00 AED20.00
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Listen up, because we're about to let the cat out of the bag about Tinyme's spiffy personalised kids bags and personalised backpacks. Whether you're after a sweet and simple library bag, lunch bag or a school backpack with all the bells and whistles, Tinyme's range of cute personalised gear will mean that no one will bag your kiddos' sense of style. Not only stand out from the crowd, making them easy to find in that after-school rush, but they can be matched to your kids' style too.

Dull colours and fiddly fasteners have no place in the land of Tinyme: we're all about traffic-stopping hues and kid-friendly design. Think secret compartments, comfy straps and materials so durable that they'll stand up against even the most rough-and-tumble youngsters.

Not only do our kids bags feature the cutest designs you'll come across, but they're durable, lightweight, and brimming with pockets, pouches, and secret compartments too. So, no matter what your kids are looking to tote about, our range of kids' bags and totes will ensure that your kids truly have style, as they say, in the bag.